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      Abstracts Submission Guidelines




      During the abstracts submission process, please follow the instructions carefully.

      • Abstracts under the scope of hepatobiliary and pancreatic pathology can be submitted. All authors interested in the field may apply.
      • Official language is English.
      • The abstract should relate to original work and does not need to be linked to the scientific programme of the event.
      • It will be admitted only poster presentations.
      • Abstracts should include titleauthors (with presenting author underlined), affiliationcorresponding author with e-mail contact, and must consist of five paragraphs, entitled: (1) Background, (2) Aims, (3) Material and Methods, (4) Results and (5) Conclusions.
      • The maximum word count is 2500 characters (spaces included).
      • Abstracts are to be submitted as word or pdf files.
      • Please ensure that the abstract has been seen and agreed by all of the named authors before submission. All authors have a responsibility to ensure that the data submitted is accurate, is not extrapolated and fairly represents the presentation to be given at HEBIPA Meeting 2023.
      • Once ready, abstracts should be sent by mail to: geral@diventos.com
      • Deadline for abstracts submission is June 11, 2023.
      • Selection of abstracts for presentation will be done by Scientific Committee until June 25, 2023 and will be based on submitted abstract.
      • All candidates will be informed of selection results from June 25, 2023.
      • Poster presentations will be exhibited as electronic format (pdf presentation).
      • Poster presentations will be evaluated by a Committee nominated for that purpose, and the authors should be available to discussion if required.
      • All the authors of poster presentations done in the Meeting will receive a Certificate.
      • The 3 best poster presentations will be awarded. In allocation of prizes, the Committee will take into account the clarity of exposition, the relevance and creativity of the theme, the methodology followed to achieve the aims, the scientific quality and validity.
      • The authors should authorize the publication of poster presentations on the site and flyers of HEBIPA Meeting 2023.

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