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      7th OCTOBER

      08H30 - 08H45                    Course Opening - Welcome and Introduction

      08H45-09H45                      Module I - Definition and Diagnosis of PJI

            -    Biofilm paradigm and its implications                 15’        M. Abreu

            -    Definition(s) of PJI                                              15’        R. Sousa

            -    Preoperative investigation(s)                              15’        D. Soares / F.Pereira           

            -    Cultures: from OR to final results                       15’        C. Santos


      09H45-10H00                      Industry Symposium

      10h00-10h30                       Coffee Break

      10H30-12H30                      Workshop Diagnostic approach - Moderators: Ortho + ID                                                              faculty members in each discussion group

      12H30-13H30                      Lunch

      13H30-14H15                      Module II – Debridement, Antibiotics and Implant Retention (DAIR)

              -   Indications and Limitations                                  15’        R. Sousa   

              -   How to do it?                                                       15’        JC. Martinez-Pastor

              -   Specific antibiotic therapy principles                   15’        A. Soriano


      14h15-16h00   Workshop DAIR cases

      Moderators: Ortho + ID faculty members in each discussion group


      16h00-16h30   Coffee-Break


      16h30-17h00   Module III – Revision Arthroplasty

               -    One-shot or Staged Surgery?                            15’        M. Clauss

               -    Spacers and other Local antibiotics                   15’     D. Soares / F.Pereira           

               -     Antibiotic therapy strategies                              15’        P. Sendi


      17h00-18h45   Workshop Revision Cases - Moderators: Ortho + ID faculty members in                                                                each discussion group


      20h00                Course Dinner

      8th OCTOBER

      09h00-09h40   Module IV – Salvage Options

                   -    Surgical Salvage Procedures                            15’        JC. Martinez-Pastor

                                        (Repeat revision, resection arthroplasty, fusion, etc)

                   -    Medical Salvage Options                                  15’        A. Soriano

                                         (suppressive antibiotic therapy, living with a fistula, etc.)

                   -    Future Options                                                   15’        P. Sendi

                                        (phage therapy and other future alternatives)


      09h45-10h00 Industry Symposium


      10h00-11h00   Workshop Bring your own cases – Part I

      Moderators: all faculty and participants together


      11h00-11h30   Coffee-Break


      11h30-12h30   Workshop Bring your own cases – Part II - Moderator: all faculty and participants together


      12h30                Closure and Take home messages



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