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    • Name: Porto International Hip Meeting
      Local: Sheraton Porto
      Date: 1 to 2 of July of 2022
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    • Postponement Communication

      Given the constant evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic in Portugal and the world, and since we considered it to be also of our responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all, we inform you that, unfortunately, the Porto International Hip Meeting will be postponed to the dates of what would be its next edition:
      1-2 of July 2022.

      All registrants will have the right to request the cancellation of their registration, as well as the refund of the amount paid, without any application of fees.
      To proceed with the cancellation and refund process, please follow the steps below.

      As usual, we are available for any questions that arise.

      Vows of health and an expected: see you soon.


      All submitted abstracts will be taken into account for future evaluation. They can be changed or deleted through our platform, accessing with the login used at the time of submission. None of the abstracts has been evaluated since the evaluation will be made on new dates to be announced.

      Cancellation and Refund 

      If you want to cancel the registration and return the amount you paid, we ask that you send us an email to sonia.pinho@diventos.com with the following data:

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