Name: Rhinoplasty and Face
Local: Porto Business School
Date: 21 to 22 of September of 2018
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Rhinoplasty and Face





Até 1/08

Após 1/08 


 200,00€  250,00€

Eafps Members

 170,00€  220,00€


 100,00€  150,00€


 50,00€  50,00€

*STUDENTS - Medicine ( ENT ; Facial Plastic Surgery And related Specialities )

Registration Incluides:

  • Scientific Sessions
  • Program, Abstractsand Digital Posters
  • Coffee-breaks
  • Lunch

Cancellation Policy

Up to two months before the start date of the event, there will be a refund of all requested services, deducting administrative fees.
Up to one month before the event starts, there will be a refund of half the value of the services requested, deducting administrative fees.
Cancellations received in the thirty days prior to the event, do not provide for reimbursement of any of the amounts paid.
 The refund request must be addressed to Diventos, Lda, with written cancellation and the return will only be made after the event.

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